I am a wedding videographer in Worcestershire and that basically means that I get to see, but more importantly, film loads of cool stuff on a wedding day.

Most recently was these SINGING WAITERS at a wedding at The Grafton Manor in Bromsgrove!


It was my first time experiencing Singing Waiters but I had heard good stories of them. These guys were such fun and really made the room come to life. It certainly helped with that after dinner lull that sometimes happens when your guests start to feel full and sleepy!

These guys moved around the whole room, dancing and singing to all couples guests. Some felt a little shy but most of the guests loved it and didn’t hesitate to join in.

The best bit of this act was that is was a complete surprise for EVERYONE except the groom! But I have heard of Brides even keeping their new husband in the dark when arranging wedding entertainment like this!

I just love filming natural reactions and this performance at the wedding in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire was perfect for that. I worked hard to capture the goings on as it happened in front of me but I am happy with the results.

They started off the performance with one of the waiters pretending that it was his first day working at The Grafton Manor and that he needed to do a toast to the newly weds. The music then suddenly came on and he broke out into song!

The two waiters sang for about half an hour in total and they included some of the couples favorite songs and some that had true meaning to them. It was fantastic for me as a documentary videographer as I got to film: surprise, happiness, fun, dancing laughter and raw emotion all in one go! Amazing!

The waiters finished off with getting the whole head table up in front of all their guests doing a ‘New York’ style performance.

I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone planning a wedding in Worcestershire and I hope to film them again one day! : )


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