Personal Branding Film

Over the winter as the wedding get quieter, it gives us time here at Polka Dot to do a few more commercial filming projects. Like this personal branding film we produced for a personal trainer in Warwickshire.
She has been training hard for an ultra marathon and asked us to come along and film an average training day for her as she prepares for one of the biggest races of her life!


We decided to story board the day and base the theme loosely around a ‘Day in the Life’ of a personal trainer. This story gave us direction and made the end result more meaningful and professional.
We came to Lauren’s house bright and early and set to work. Setting the scene, early morning – birds just waking up, the kettle going on for a coffee before she starts the day. Then going about her usual rituals and stretches before she set off.
We captured Lauren preparing for her run in a documentary ‘fly on the wall’ style and used professional audio gear to capture those all important ambient sounds. Using our drone to track and follow Lauren as she started her trail runs adds impact to this personal branding film.

Personal branding films are a good way to showcase a product or lifestyle that your company produces. And what better way to do it than with a short documentary style video of someone living that life, using your products in a natural relaxed way. They are usually short and engaging and perfect for your company’s website and social media. We can also produce even shorter versions for Instagram if required.

If you are a crafts person or have a skill or talent that you feel you need to demonstrate to your clients in an informal natural style, a video is the ideal way to do this. Using our professional and artist abilities with cameras, videography and editing we can produce a powerful promotional video or branding film that you can use in all your contacts with clients that will really bring your business and ideas to life and engage with your customers!

Commercial videos are a branch of Polka Dot Productions that we are excited and enthusiastic about. We get to have a bit of control in the brain storming and story broad process to really come up with some amazing ideas to get your message across. We will listen to your needs and base our suggestions and ideas around your requirements. We can be flexible on the day and react professionally to any changes that may happen. Our approach to commercial videos and promotional videography is a very natural documentary style. Quite similar to our approach to a wedding day filming but tailored to focus on the ideas that matter to you and the message that you wish to portray.

Please do get in touch for a free quote. Each commercial videography job is so unique that we will need to find out your needs and the ideas you have first in order to provide you with an estimate. However the benefits of having a professional promotional video on your business website for your clients is so great that you will not look back!


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