Promotional videography in Worcestershire

A few months ago, Cobras Tae Kwon Do, a family-run martial arts club based in Worcestershire, asked me to film and produce a promotional video for them to use on their website and social media pages.

I produced two different videos for them. A short 3 minute, high paced, action-packed promo film that really showcased the very best bits of my content and their club to the max!
I also produced a longer 10-minute film which is a more in-depth video to be shown to potential clients who are interested in joining the club.

As a commercial videographer in Worcestershire, it was really nice to work with a local sports club and to find out what they do. It’s great to help and support local businesses in Worcester and what better way to help them market themselves by producing a fun, engaging commercial video to pull in potential new clients.
My style in commercial videography and promotional videos is a very fun and relaxed approach! I aim to showcase the very best of your skills or products in the best lighting and conditions available.
We can use local surroundings and my local knowledge of good location spots to go for a shoot which can be added into your promo video to add that bit of extra sparkle which will set your business apart from the rest.
If you have a sports club, are a personal trainer or a creative craftsperson with a skill to demonstrate we can certainly do something to show you and your abilities or your venue off to the world!

Above is the longer 10 minute video that shows the club off and whats involved in their training programe in more in-depth.
As a promotional videographer in Worcetershire I will encourage you to get a few sentences put together to say to the camera to explain or tell your story. If you are a sports club or personal trainer you can also ask some of your students of clients to possibly say a few words of recommendation about your services or club to really give the video a friendly relatable feel.

I am also very open to any ideas you may have for your promotional video. After all, you know your business or club the best and so your input is valuable. We can meet up first to discuss these ideas and formulate a plan. This is all part of the commercial videographer service! We can work together and we’ll know what the aim is before we start filming so it will make the process smooth and we can be more efficient with our time.
Commercial videography is great for making that perfect sports club promotional video. As we can really show off the skills and movements in the camera and it will have a greater impact as opposed to photography.

Each small business, craftsperson and martial arts club is different. So I can provide you with a bespoke quote for a promo video that will ultimately put you out there in the world and make you stand out above the rest!
So if you are searching for a Worcestershire commercial videographer, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email and we can start planning your promo video straight away! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Contact me today to get your free quote on a promo video for your business!


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