A wonderful Warwickshire wedding video at Ettington Park Hotel

Rita & Brian

On the 28th December 2014 Rita and Brain got married at the stunning Ettington Park Hotel Near Stratford, Warwickshire. I had the absolute pleasure of being their wedding videographer and I had an amazing time from start till finish.

My husband, Duncan Cox, was the photographer for Rita and Brian. It was great to work with him again, just like old times when we worked together before we had our little family : )

We started off with Rita in the bridal suite with her bridesmaids to cover all the preparations. The room was busy with activity and it was a great chance for Duncan and I to hang back and capture all the goings on as they happened naturally. Being a natural wedding videographer I love this part. The room had an amazing four poster bed, lots of space and a huge bay window. The sun was definitely out for the occasion today and it was streaming into the room casting a gorgeous golden glow.
We spent quite a while up in the bridal suite but it was soon time to go down and cover the guests mingling and Brian looking nervous.

Most of the guests were chatting and mingling in the Great Drawing Room. There was a huge Christmas tree in here and the atmosphere was happy and relaxed. Brian and his wedding party looked fantastic in their matching suits. The colours were striking and suited the wintry day.

The guests were all called into the Library well in advance of the ceremony to be seated. Whilst they were settling into their seats and waiting the arrival of the bride a family friend sung and played his guitar. This was the perfect addition to the setting.
The Library is full of rich colours, wood, classic decorations and of course books! And with a very large stained glass window to the front there was plenty of natural light to fill the room.

Rita and Brian had a beautiful ceremony and they looked so happy together. There were two readings, both of which were very heartfelt and powerful adding a lovely personal touch to the service.
After the civil ceremony Rita and Brian had a short Hindu ceremony in the Great Drawing Room. And following this we took the couple and all their guests outside for some family photographs. Once the few formal shots were done Duncan and I had the opportunity to take Rita and Brian off on their own for half an hour to do some romantic stuff. This is a really good chance for newly weds to take a short break away from everyone and just be together for a bit and in turn as a natural wedding film maker it gives the perfect time to get some gorgeous footage for the Wedding Highlights Trailer and the full length film.

The part of this wedding that really sticks in my mind when I think back to the day is all the fun and dancing that the guests did on the dance floor. I had a great time filming them all and it was lovely to see them all so happy. Also the other great memory was that they had a magician who was absolutely fantastic! He had the guests captivated with his tricks. It added an extra special element to this Warwickshire Wedding.

We left the couple having a blast on the dance floor and enjoying the night with their guests. Rita and Brian were very happy with our services on the day and have given us fantastic reviews which is just the icing on the cake for us and we were so happy they picked us to document their day.



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