A beautiful Wedding video at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcester

Stanbrook Abbey is simply stunning! The ceremony room, the choice of wedding breakfast rooms and the grounds are all completely breathtaking!
I have worked here a few times now and I just love it. It is so local to me being a wedding videographer in Worcestershire as I am only based a few miles away from it! And it is one of my favorite venues to produce gorgeous wedding videos at in the Midlands!

I love doing winter weddings and especially weddings so close to Christmas as this was. There is always an extra sense of excitement in the air!
Hattie & Phil had an amazing day at Stanbrook Abbey, They had all their family and friends around them and they did not stop smiling all day! Watch this wedding film to see just how amazing it was and also to enjoy Hattie & Phil’s first dance!

In this blog post i wanted to focus a bit on me and how i work…
For me wedding videography is not about lugging a massive camcorder around on my shoulder, filming anything and everything that moves. For me it is taking a step back, watching from the sidelines and observing the interactions of your wedding party. However, whilst observing i am ever ready to capture these moments as they happen, choosing the best light to film from and the best angles to position myself in. It is also about showing the details of your wedding day, the location in which you choose, the surroundings and environment as it is at that very moment in time. The little things that you have spent months planning and collecting. It will not go unnoticed, I work very hard on the day to document it all and to create memories for you to treasure. The best day of your life captured on film to be enjoyed for many years!
Fast forward – Imagine showing your grand children the day in years to come! How amazing will that be? Showing all the people that you had around you on that day and how much fun they had!
My role as your wedding videographer will be to capture these moments and details in an artistic way, getting the best out of the lighting conditions and making the best exposures. I will echo your personalities and the atmosphere I feel on the day to give your wedding film that personal touch.. All this will be then professionally edited to beautifully selected timeless music to form the finished piece – the wedding film! It will not be a marathon to watch like in the past, hours and hours of almost unedited footage. It will be all the best bits. Something that shows of the day in the best possible way without you having to take out a whole evening to watch it!

I use top of the range HD DSLR cameras and professional lenses. I have quality audio equipment for your vows and speeches and a few other tricks in my kit bag! I usually work alone but can sometimes have a second camera operator if needed. Sometimes you may not even notice me! However on the times i do need to have a quick chat to you I am always respectful and friendly. I love being a wedding videographer and creating beautiful wedding films for my couples. It warms my heart to give this precious piece to newly married couples that they can enjoy forever.

The biggest regret out there by brides is that they didn’t have their special day filmed. That they didn’t want a wedding videographer as they probably didn’t want to be followed about closely by someone with a massive camera on their shoulders…. most of us don’t tend to work like that anymore. We all understand that you want your day to look and feel a certain way, you want it to be perfect and you want your guests to enjoy themselves too. But afterwards when the flowers have wilted and the cake has been eaten what will you have to remember the day by? What will you have to stir those feelings and emotions? What will you show the grand children in the future?
Don’t be the couple that regret not having a videographer, book me and you will never regret it! : )

I think that quite enough from me now for one day!
Now make yourself a cuppa and enjoy Hattie & Phi’ls wedding highlights film of their special day in December last year.
Then send me and email and ask me a question! : )


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