A winter wedding in the City of Worcester

On the 29th January 2016 Kirsteen and Matt kick started their new year with an amazing wedding at The Guild Hall in Worcester, followed by a fantastic reception party at The Marwood on the Tything in Worcester

The day was filled with love, romance and laughter. And The Marwood was packed out with all their friends and family. The atmosphere was amazing and something very different to what I had been used to.
As a natural wedding videographer with a very unobtrusive style I love to just let people get on with having fun and I try not to interfere or get in the way as best I can. During this wedding there was plenty of fun and dancing going on as Kirsteen and Matt’s guests partied the night away! So it was perfect for me as I just love filming that kind of stuff in relaxed environments.
One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is the dancing! : ) Everybody is usually more relaxed by then and more often than not had a drink or two! The DJ/musician at Kirsteen & Matt’s wedding did a fab job of getting the guests up and dancing. All ages, young and old were up there and at one point one of the flower girls got a chance to perform one of her favorite songs to everybody!

Doing a wedding in the City of Worcester was a great experience and I enjoyed that feeling of being in the hustle and bustle of central Worcester. The Guild Hall had some wonderful features and a sense of history within the rooms and The Marwood in the Tything just on the outskirts of Worcester city center had that personal touch with an amazing atmosphere.

Kirsteen preferred not to have any filming during the bridal preperations and to keep things simple and working within their budget I suggested hald day coverage since the ceremony was late at 4pm. This worked really well for them and they were happy with my recommendation. I always try to accommodate any budget and needs of the happy couple so I always suggest to get in touch with me if a ‘Full Day’ coverage is not for you.

Kirsteen and Matt were over the moon when they watched their wedding film for the first time and I think it brought them both to tears as they relived their special day. I was able to capture parts of their day that they had missed and re-tell it in an artistic and stylish way with music and editing techniques.
I hope I have been able to produce something for them that they can treasure forever and watch over for many years to come. I wish them many years of happiness together! : )


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